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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Cloud Backup by

Support for your backup

Full - or co-managed - according to your needs

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Your full service provider for data backup

We offer a flexible and scalable backup solution that enables you to protect your data securely and easily without having to set up and manage your own extensive backup infrastructure.

Leave the setup, maintenance, monitoring and updating of storage and software to us and avoid CapEx expenses and the complex setup. Make a faster move to the cloud with us

  • We support you in setting up a secondary location for backups so that the data remains recoverable and archived for compliance purposes

  • We help you protect data from ransomware and insider attacks with secondary storage and air-gapped copies


Backup as a Service for SMEs without their own hardware

From small to large - we back up your data and bring the hardware with us.

Synology DiskStation as BackupBee Edge Box S ​

  • Ideal for small businesses with up to 5 workloads. Windows Server 2019 Essentials

  • Veeam Backup & Replication preinstalled Preconfigured for your data backup

Small companies in particular shy away from investing in hardware that is necessary for data backup. On the one hand, they do not have sufficient expertise to select the necessary components, on the other hand, there is simply not enough time to deal with them.

already from 49€ per month

larger configurations on request

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Why customers choose Backup as a Service

47 %

want to be able to access backups anytime, anywhere

37 %

require repositories that are offline, air-gapped, or immutable

40 %

want flexible payment options

37 %

require service providers with technical expertise

When do you decide?

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Backup as a Service packages tailored to your needs

We take over the operation of your complete backup environment. From implementation and configuration through operation to restoring the secured systems in an emergency.


BaaS Assistance

Manage your entire Veeam environment conveniently from our service provider console. You continue to manage your installation and data backups yourself. ​


  • Access to the Service Provider Console

  • All backups of your environment at a glance Advanced notification

  • Simple rental license management

  • Support for your environment if required 129€/ hour (Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00), billing in a fair 15-minute cycle

9,90€ / Month


Co-Managed BaaS

We take over parts of your Veeam environment in our company and support you with all topics related to your data backup at a reasonable price.

  • Access to the Service Provider Console

  • We monitor your backups and resolve issues upon request

  • You will receive notification via our ticket system

  • You get a personal contact for problems

  • Support for your environment if required 85€/ hour (Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00), billing in a fair 15-minute cycle

129€ / Month


Full Managed BaaS

We take over the operation of your entire Veeam environment.

  • We monitor your backups and fix problems when they arise

  • You will receive transparent notification via our ticket system

  • You will receive monthly reports on your data backups

  • Setup and configuration of backups

  • Updates and upgrades on all Veeam components

  • Personal contact for problems and planning

  • recovery testing

upon request

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Data resiliency regardless of location

We provide backup, monitoring, management and DR services. So you can be sure that your systems remain resilient at all times.

BaaS for Microsoft 365

Protect your Microsoft 365 data from threats.

Managed and external backup

The cloud of your choice for your data. Follow the 3-2-1 rule and back up your data externally to our secure cloud data centers.

Desaster Recovery
as a Service

Minimize downtime. Enjoy fast, flexible failover and optimized failback of specific VMs or your entire site.


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