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Protect your computers
from data loss

Cloud Backup by

Easy setup and professional management with Veeam

Automatic backups of your devices

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Why do I actually need a data backup?

Data can always be lost somehow. Storage media can fail after a long period of use; a lightning strike or short circuit may render the hardware unusable; a flood can destroy the entire IT network; all data can be encrypted or even destroyed by a hacker attack; and many a wrong click has already led to massive data loss.


And once the data is gone, the damage can be enormous.


Customer data, e-mails and appointments may no longer be accessible. Maybe all invoices, orders or personnel documents are gone..

The 3-2-1 rule, or why my backup should be in the cloud

The 3-2-1 rule is now considered the golden rule of data security. There should always be three copies of your data backed up on two different types of storage media, one copy of which should be kept in a remote location (outside your apartment or house).


Save 3 copies of your data (1x original, 2x backup)


At least 2 different storage media


Keep 1 backup in a location outside your company (e.g. in the cloud)

Three copies of data: This includes your original data and at least two backups.


Two types of storage: To minimize the possibility of data loss, both copies should be backed up on two different storage media.


One offsite copy: At least one copy should be kept in an offsite, remote location so that you can still have a copy of the data in the event of a total failure of your on-premises infrastructure.

Works on any device


Windows ab Version 10

Windows Server ab Version 2012


Ventura 13.0

Monterey 12.0 – 12.6.X

Big Sur 11.0 – 11.6.X

Catalina 10.15.X

Mojave 10.14.X

High Sierra 10.13.6


Debian > 9.0

Ubuntu > 14.04

RHEL > 6.0

OracleLinux, SLES, Fedora, OpenSUSE

(Linux Kernel > 2.6.32)

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In three steps to your data backup

Sign in to the web console and install Backup Agent

Determine your data to be backed up and choose your personal cloud space

Schedule backup time according to your needs

Stay flexible with rental licenses

As a Veeam Service Provider, we offer you a flexible license model. Pay only for what you currently need and easily adapt your licenses to your needs.

No time for backup?

No problem. We offer you BaaS (Backup as a Service) offers tailored to your environment and take over all tasks for your Veeam backup environment.

Your advantages on our cloud backup platform

Central Management

Centrally manage your computers and other workloads from the web console.

Professional software

Powered by Veeam® - one of the leading providers of professional backup solutions.

Transparent pricing

No hidden costs or additional fees. You only pay for what you really need.

No long contract periods

All products can be canceled on a monthly basis, so you remain flexible even if the number of your workloads changes.

Maximum security

Your data is stored in our ISO-certified data centers and transmitted using SSL encryption. At any time.

Flexibly extendible

Are your requirements changing? Expand all products according to your wishes.

Compatible with all devices

Works on all devices and systems - Windows, Linux, MacOS and many others.

100% data protection guaranteed

Your data is stored exclusively in Germany, in our own infrastructure.

We make backups easy and safe.

Test our cloud backup offers now completely free of charge and without obligation.
The trial period ends automatically and you don't have to do anything else.

If we were able to convince you of our professional solutions, simply continue to use the backup repository you have set up seamlessly.

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