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Why you should trust BackupBee for your data backup

Cloud Backup by

Your expertise in data backup

Maximize operational efficiency

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BackupBee is not a product.
But a solution to your problem.

BackupBee is not a standalone backup product. In summary, BackupBee is a solution for companies that need and want to manage their data securely and in a controlled manner.

BackupBee includes all the building blocks needed to help businesses and organizations tackle data backup tasks.

In addition to the products offered, we rely on holistic advice on everything to do with backup, replication and recovery.

We solve your problems in ensuring data resilience, whether it's in your office or in the cloud.

Experience the holistic approach to data backup with BackupBee

The importance of backing up data is nothing new. Data has always been backed up. Only the way data is backed up today is different.

If it used to be about reacting to user errors in order to restore deleted data, today it is about external threats and protecting the entire company.


The management of data backups is much more complex today than it was then. Despite the complexity, we will help you to reduce costs and effort.

Defense against ransomware

Tackle today's cyber risks head-on with our threat prevention, detection, and ransomware recovery technologies.


Minimize downtime

Worst-case scenario, we'll make sure you get your business back up and running immediately, avoiding hundreds of hours of lost productivity.


Protect cloud and on-prem workloads

Ensure that your data and systems are always secure, accessible and optimized with our solutions.

Reduce IT complexity

Free up time for your teams by eliminating complex system integrations and managing data protection from a single console.


Give your backup a makeover.

We are Veeam
Cloud & Service Providers.

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5 points for BackupBee
Or why you should talk to us

We are Veeam Cloud & Service Provider
with its own Cloud Connect infrastructure

We operate our own infrastructure and do not rely on others. All systems are located in our own data center.

Your data is stored in an ISO 27001 certified data center in Germany

We store your data in our ISO27001 certified data center. We thus meet the highest security requirements in accordance with the Tier 3 standard and the European ISO/IEC 27001 standard

We charge fairly from the first GB

You don't buy any capacity from us that you don't need. If you only need 50GB, you only pay for 50GB.

We offer rental licenses for flexible operation

You don't have to commit yourself to us for years. We offer rental licenses that you can remove and add monthly. So your security grows with your business.

We advise you holistically on the subject
data security

We are experts in our field and share our knowledge with you. We will give you advice that thinks outside the box.

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Data protection solutions for your company

Your business data is in safe hands with BackupBee. Our modern and advanced next-generation solutions ensure your assets are always safe - wherever and whenever. We offer all-in-one data protection and management solutions specifically tailored to the needs of your business, regardless of its size or complexity.

Our solutions provide comprehensive data resiliency and effective protection against ransomware attacks by seamlessly integrating cybersecurity, data protection, recovery and immutable storage.


This allows organizations to ensure their data is always available and can be quickly recovered in the event of data loss or attacks.

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Support your business continuity plan

When a disaster strikes, it's not just the speed of recovery that determines whether a business can continue to operate.


It's about whether you can recover at all.

BackupBee supports you in setting up and operating your data backup solution

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BackupBee is your data backup expertise

We only work with products from well-known manufacturers. This includes the complete Veeam product range. Veeam is the market leader in data protection with more than 400,000 customers worldwide.

We bring together what belongs together. In addition to a professional data backup solution, we bring you the necessary expertise for the configuration and operation of storage solutions and cloud services to ensure first-class data resilience.

We operate all the necessary infrastructure components in our data centers to make data backups in our Veeam Cloud Connect environment as easy as possible for you.

Our data centers are fully ISO 27001 certified.

With a fast data transmission connection, a permanent availability of 99.966%, modern security concepts such as biometric security and redundant power supply, we meet the highest quality and security requirements.

With Veeam Cloud Connect
on the safe side.

Simple cloud backup

Secure your workloads to the cloud in no time with Veeam Cloud Connect.

Rental Licensing

Easily adapt your license needs to your business.


No time for data backup? No problem - we'll do it.

Backups are stored in encrypted form (encryption at rest) and are transmitted in encrypted form end-to-end.

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Your data backup is and will remain in Germany

Europe, and thus Germany, is known to have the strictest data protection regulations in the world.

Many companies are often unaware of the fact that data storage with cloud service providers such as Amazon or Microsoft very often goes hand in hand with a violation of data protection regulations. Sensitive or confidential data in particular should therefore be stored in German data centers.

Data of our German customers are exclusively in ISO-certified German data centers. We only offer our customers storage in non-European solutions with their consent.

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New products for our customers

We are constantly evolving. This not only includes keeping our Veeam Cloud Connect components up to date and carefully testing new features.

We think ahead and outside the box. We develop solutions that help our customers even more to protect their data safely and effectively against ransomware and other threats.



Scalable, S3 compatible and GDPR compliant object storage

Our scalable and fully S3 compatible object storage BackupBee B3 is ua 
Compatible with Veeam and Synology for direct backups but also scale-out repositories.

As cold tiering storage, it is ideally suited for offsite backups or outsourcing 
from older restore points. Thanks to immutability, restore points are also completely immutable in order to be able to recover data even after ransomware attacks or other virus attacks.

Object storage is provided directly in our data centers and is 100% 
GDPR Compliant

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We do backup and no sync

Supposedly cheap and comfortable. Many providers advertise cheap cloud storage for data backup. The DropBox, OneDrive and Synology C2 solutions should be mentioned here.

Admittedly, the prices are tempting to save data there. What many do not know, however, is that this is not an adequate place for data backup. On the one hand, depending on the solution, data is only synchronized here, so that there is no versioning of the data. On the other hand, you always have the option of accessing this data via other mechanisms, e.g. desktop or mobile apps. So your backups are not immutable or physically separate.

When making your choice, always note the conditions of your cyber insurance.

Your advantages on our cloud backup platform

Central Management

Centrally manage your computers and other workloads from the web console.

Professional Software

Powered by Veeam® - one of the leading providers of professional backup solutions.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs or additional fees. You only pay for what you really need.

No long contract periods

All products can be canceled on a monthly basis, so you remain flexible even if the number of your workloads changes.

Maximum security

Your data is stored in our ISO-certified data centers and transmitted using SSL encryption. At any time.

Flexibly extendible

Are your requirements changing? Expand all products as you wish.

Compatible with all devices

Works on all devices and systems - Windows, Linux, MacOS and many others.

100% data protection guaranteed

Your data is stored exclusively in Germany, in our own infrastructure.

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