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Business Continuity

Speed, which decides whether a company survives

Respond to emergencies with a plan

Data Resilience

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Why your business needs business continuity planning

In today's world, it is essential that companies have access to reliable and comprehensive data. Because without data there is no business. But what happens when disaster strikes?

Every minute counts in such situations. The more complex the IT environment becomes and the more important information and systems are interconnected via various virtual machines, hypervisors, physical servers and cloud technologies, the more difficult it becomes to quickly restore operations. (8).png

Reduce downtime from hours to minutes

Continuous Data Protection

Automatic real-time backup and restore to any point in the past


VM Replication

Protection for your virtual machines in the event of failures at your production site through replication to another data center


Instant Recovery

Restore in minutes to keep your business going


Protection for all platforms

Protect all platforms such as VMware, HyperV, physical servers and cloud data

Reliable backups and recovery

Send your backups and replicas reliably and securely to our data center.

Tailored service

We are at your disposal for all questions about backup concepts.

One console for all backups

Centrally managed backup for cloud, virtual and physical workloads.


Backups are stored in encrypted form (encryption at rest) and are transmitted in encrypted form end-to-end.

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When disaster strikes
it's about recovery

A critical component to a successful business continuity program is a reliable backup and recovery solution that offers flexibility and is easy to manage.


With such a solution, you can ensure that your data and systems can always be backed up and restored quickly. This minimizes the risk of downtime and ensures that your business always has access to data to remain successful.

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Support your business continuity plan

When a disaster strikes, it's not just the speed of recovery that determines whether a business can continue to operate.


It's about whether you can recover at all.

BackupBee supports you in setting up and operating your data backup solution

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Ensure data recovery and business continuity

In order to develop an effective data resiliency strategy, it is imperative that you not only secure your production and backup data, but also store multiple copies in different locations and keep an immutable copy locally, off-site or in the cloud.

But most important is the ability to quickly access that data and restore normal operations. This is exactly where we come in, by ensuring a quick and effective recovery of your data and normal operations.

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Data Resiliency

Increase data resiliency and strengthen your ransomware defenses


Automatic real-time data backup and restore to any point in the past prevents data loss


Protection for your virtual machines in the event of failures at your production site through replication to another data center


Restore in minutes to keep your business going

To ensure comprehensive data resiliency and effective ransomware protection, it is imperative that a solution seamlessly integrates cybersecurity, data protection, recovery, and immutable storage. This is exactly what BackupBee offers - and much more.

With us, companies can ensure that their data is safe, secure and available at all times. A quick restoration of normal operations is guaranteed in the event of data loss or ransomware attacks. In addition, we provide immutable storage of data to ensure data integrity is maintained at all times.

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More data, more threats

The amount of data your company generates every day is increasing rapidly. In most cases, unstructured data makes up more than 80 percent of this data. This fact requires effective data management and backup as all data is at risk and cyber criminals are always finding new ways to bypass cybersecurity defenses.

Whether it's ransomware, hardware failure, user error, or natural disasters, the impact of data loss is both costly and reputation-damaging.


To avoid such a fate, a solid data resiliency strategy combined with effective data protection solutions from BackupBee is essential. This is the only way companies can successfully protect their data and maintain their continuity.

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