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Is your
data safe?

Now protect your backup even better against attacks with Insider Protection

With BackupBee, your data is easy, safe and reliable

store with you and in our data centers

BackupBee is a trademark of Conperience GmbH.

Your business service provider for all IT services.

All data is 100%

Hosted in Germany

Automatic Data Backup

Fast and reliable data restores

GDPR compliant in our own data centers

Protect what really matters

Protect all your workloads like virtual machines, physical servers, workstations, cloud instances, applications and more. Secure backups are your lifeline. We provide data protection with reliable immutability and immediate, comprehensive recovery when all other protections fail.

Back up to a fast & secure cloud backup repository.

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Protect yourself against cyber threats with a single solution

​When a ransomware attack hits you is only a matter of time. Prepare yourself to reliably recover your data in the event of an emergency – with Veeam, the leader in backup and recovery, both on-premises and in the cloud.

BackupBee offers scalable instant recovery options so you can save yourself the ransom.

Did you know... ?

88 %

of ransomware attacks aimed to infect backup repositories, and 75% of those attempts were successful

47 %

of productive data was successfully encrypted - and only 72% of that data could be recovered

22 %

of companies were able to recover their data without paying a ransom

29 %

of the companies that paid the ransom were still unable to recover their data

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Suitable for all workloads that are important to you.

VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V

Reliable data protection for virtual machines with VMWare vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V

Servers & Workstations

Secure Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple MacOS physical servers, workstations and other endpoints

NAS & SAN Storage

Simplify and modernize the protection of your unstructured file data

Have you read the fine print of your cyber insurance?

Cyber ​​insurance can help minimize the risk of cyber attacks and protect businesses from the serious financial consequences a successful attack can have.

It protects businesses and organizations from financial losses and liability risks that may result from cyber attacks and other types of data breaches.

But very often the small print of these insurance policies contains requirements for companies to minimize the risks of cyber incidents. This usually includes the following:

  • Full weekly data backup

  • Storage of the complete data backup for at least 30 days

  • Use of an offline data backup with permanent physical separation from the IT systems OR Use of an unchangeable online data backup, which the administrators can only access with a two-factor authentication independent of the domain concerned or from a separate domain

A "ransomware"-safe backup must at least meet the following requirements:

  • The backup data is not accessible from the systems to be backed up

  • The backup data is not accessible with domain permissions

  • The backup data is not accessible with the same passwords used in the domain

Small companies in particular often cannot meet these requirements. We help you to back up your data securely and separately from your productive IT systems.
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Your backup infrastructure is getting old?

You don't know if, when and how your backup is running? You don't get any information about the status?

​Don't know how to recover your data in the event of a disaster?

Your advantages with BackupBee

Easy to set up

Full control over your data backup in your web console

Centrally manage all backups

Alerting by email in case of an error

Servers, workstations, virtual machines - simply back up everything

Generate your own reports

API keys for professional connections

Save money with rental licenses - add or remove as needed

monthly cancellable

Backup for Microsoft 365

While Microsoft provides the infrastructure, you are responsible for backing up your business-critical Microsoft 365 data. Of more than 1,000 IT professionals surveyed, 80% have already lost data in the cloud.

With Microsoft 365, you're in control of your data—but you're also responsible for protecting it. Learn more about protecting your M365 data here.

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Your data is safe

Our data centers are fully ISO 27001 certified. With a fast data transmission connection, a permanent availability of 99.966%, modern security concepts such as biometric security and redundant power supply, we meet the highest quality and security requirements.

Due to the complete data storage in Germany, your data is stored securely and GDPR-compliant.

In order to support sustainable operation, the data centers are supplied with 100% green electricity.

Grünstrom - nachhaltiger Betrieb mit 100% grünem Strom
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We make backups easy and safe.

Test our cloud backup offers now completely free of charge and without obligation.
The trial period ends automatically and you don't have to do anything else.

If we were able to convince you of our professional solutions, simply continue to use the backup repository you have set up seamlessly.

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