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Become a BackupBee partner

Cloud Backup by

Expand your managed IT service and offer your customers rental licenses for all Veeam products

No own cloud backup infrastructure required

More security for your customers.
Less worries for you.

Veeam Licensing for onpremise infrastructure

License Veeam products for the
Use on your customers' local infrastructure,
e.g. Veeam Backup & Replication Server
Standard/Enterprise and other products. With the pay-as-you-go model, you and your customers remain flexible.


Veeam Cloud Connect

For most cyber protection insurance, it is
now demonstrably necessary.
With Veeam Cloud Connect, your customers can meet the need for resilient offsite backup.

Multi-tenant reseller portal to manage your customers

The costs for your own cloud backup infrastructure can quickly become very high.
Use our reliable, resilient and highly scalable infrastructure as a service.

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Your benefits as a cloud backup partner

8 reasons for a successful cooperation

No infrastructure costs

The Cost of Your Own Cloud Backup Infrastructure can quickly become very high. Use our reliable, resilient and highly scalable infrastructure as a service.

Monthly billing

Licenses and usage fees Billed monthly and can use anytime be terminated. That's how you and your customers stay flexible and cost-efficient in one permanently changing market.

100% GDPR compliant data storage

Data security and data protection has for us highest priority. All services are provided through our own IT infrastructure. Also necessary Redundancy via other data centers or Regions remain in the EU.

We are there for you personally

As a partner, we stand by you with our extensive know-how on all topics such as Backup & recovery, archiving and disaster Recovery with help and advice to the side. Via ticket system and also personally.

Flexible license model

Backup workloads at your customers can change constantly changing. Benefit from our flexible licensing model that allows your customers to offer exactly the licenses they need.

No minimum purchases

Share your business with us grow. You only pay for what you really need to use. Whether you start with 0 licenses or with 200

innovative solutions

We are constantly evolving and staying up to date so you can tell your customers always provide the best possible solution can.

Strong by your side

The importance of backups is becoming common underestimated. We will support you if necessary Backup strategies and the right one Implementation. Let's ensure more data security together.

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Data security & data protection

Security against unauthorized access and protection against data loss is a decisive selection criterion for providers of cloud solutions and especially for providers of backup solutions.

But data protection according to GDPR is also becoming increasingly important and is now also an important factor in being able to be successful in this market segment. We rely on maximum security in our entire infrastructure in order to
to be able to meet the requirements of your customers.

Certified data centers

We only operate backup infrastructure in data centers with providers who take a high level of security precautions to protect our infrastructure from physical influences. For us, this includes ISO 27001 certification, multi-level biometric security measures, video surveillance and auditable access controls.

GDPR-compliant data storage

We only store data from EU customers in data centers within the EU. Also for failover purposes, redundancies or scale-out backups (SOBR), no services from other cloud providers are used within our infrastructure that cannot currently be used in a data protection-compliant manner (e.g. AWS or Azure)

Security, virus and ransomware protection

All infrastructure systems are permanently patched and continuously monitored. Security-relevant events are constantly checked and all systems are protected by appropriate endpoint protection. With multi-level firewall systems and a zero-trust approach, we avoid unauthorized access to systems.

We focus on growth

We are constantly expanding our capacities and thus ensure even more storage space,
resiliency and speed.

Whether your customers for backups or scale-out repositories 10 TB, 100 TB or 10 PB
require. We scale with you and your needs.

redundancy and speed

In order to further increase the bandwidth for data backup streams and to ensure even more reliable regional redundancy, we are already planning new locations within Germany and the EU.

Cloud backup infrastructure in the US market

We currently have an EU infrastructure that is operated entirely in Germany. Due to the strict data storage within the EU, we can guarantee full DSGVO conformity. In order to be able to connect customers with headquarters or branches in the USA, a US infrastructure is already being planned.

geo redundancy

For even more reliable and secure storage of the backup and archive data, we are already planning further locations within the EU and the USA. This also makes geo-redundant data storage possible on request. However, we always ensure that EU data is not transferred to the USA or stored there without an express request.

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