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In some situations, running active full backups regularly may not be an option. Active full backups are resource intensive and consume a significant amount of network bandwidth. Alternatively, you can create synthetic full backups.

How a synthetic full backup works at Veeam

The synthetic full backup is technically identical to a regular full backup. Synthetic full backup creates a VBK file that contains data of the entire VM. The difference between active and synthetic full backup lies in the way VM data is retrieved...


SOBR - What is a Scale-Out Backup Repository?

A "Scale-Out Backup Repository" is a feature that allows multiple repository servers to be merged into a single, scalable backup storage pool. With this feature, you can expand and improve your backup infrastructure by distributing backup data across multiple repository servers to increase storage capacity and data security.


Monitor Veeam backups with PRTG

PRTG Network Monitor is a powerful and easy-to-use monitoring tool that lets you keep track of all your Veeam backups. You can see the status of all backup tasks in Veeam Backup Enterprise Monitor in the last 24 hours at a glance. PRTG shows you the number of successful and failed jobs, jobs in a warning state, and pending jobs.

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