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Back up your data
with Veeam Cloud Connect

Cloud Backup by

Fast and reliable backup of your backups to the cloud

Storage in German data centers according to GDPR

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Your Veeam Cloud Connect Provider

As an official Veeam cloud & service provider, we offer you the option of replicating your existing Veeam backups in our data center and accessing them at any time via a secure internet connection.

By using our service, you can rest assured that your data will be recovered, no matter where you are or what problems occur in your own infrastructure.


Our platform is specifically designed to provide you with a secure, fast and hassle-free solution for your backup and recovery needs.

As a Veeam cloud & service provider, we not only offer you the option of storing your data securely, but also the certainty that you can access your backups at any time and continue your business processes seamlessly.


Protect your data and integrate cloud backup directly into Veeam Backup & Replication or into Veeam Agents. You don't need any additional software and you have a central overview of your backups.

Veeam Cloud Connect is a fully integrated, fast and secure solution for backing up your data to BackupBee's Veeam cloud repository.

This allows you to recover your data from a secure cloud environment. Even if your infrastructure fails completely, for example due to external influences or force majeure (e.g. fire, flooding, etc.), we enable you to restore the replications stored in the data center or use them as disaster recovery.

With Veeam Cloud Connect
on the safe side.

Reliable backups and recovery

Send your backups and replicas reliably and securely to our data center.

Tailored service

We are at your disposal for all questions about backup concepts.

One console for all backups

Centrally managed backup for cloud, virtual and physical workloads.


Backups are stored in encrypted form (encryption at rest) and are transmitted in encrypted form end-to-end.

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How Cloud Connect works

The interfaces required to use Veeam Cloud Connect are already available in Veeam Backup & Replication.


As a service provider for Veeam, we provide the necessary infrastructure, including Veeam WAN acceleration. A media break is achieved through the transmission of the data and thus an extended protection against encryption Trojans is established.

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How Veeam Cloud Backup works is pretty simple. Veeam backup software is installed on the company's servers and all data for backup is then transferred to the servers in our data center.


Our high-security data centers, whose security standards are difficult for small and medium-sized companies to achieve, offer our customers an extremely high level of protection for their data. In the event of a disaster such as a fire, the data is kept as an external copy on our servers and the company is protected from total data loss.

Now even better control for you.
With direct access to your backup

One console for all backups
Even more information about your backups

  • easy to use web interface
  • all backups at a glance
  • see immediately if something is wrong
  • set your own alarms
With the BackupBee web console you have the possibility to manage all backups of your environment, whether physical or virtual servers. You can also see workstation backups in your overview.
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Veeam Cloud Backup is
set up absolutely safely and quickly

Our backup service offers fast and reliable backup of your physical and virtual backups at an off-site location without incurring the high costs and complexity of your own backup infrastructure.


Our system allows you very easy management with complete transparency and control over the backup process. In addition, secure end-to-end encryption of your valuable data is guaranteed.

Thanks to our WAN acceleration technology, you don't need to invest in additional bandwidth to run your backups. In addition, we offer many other features that make backup efficient and secure, so you can focus on your core competencies while we back up your data.


With our backup service, you no longer have to worry about losing valuable information in case of data loss.

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Protection against ransomware

To protect your most recent backup data from ransomware attacks or other malicious activities, Veeam has introduced features that we use to mitigate the threat.

Adhering to the 3-2-1 rule is the recommended configuration to prevent a local issue from affecting remote backups.

Backup copy jobs in Cloud Connect repositories

This method provides offsite backup to a storage-agnostic destination

Scale-out backup repositories on object storage with immutability

This method provides offsite backups, but for an object storage provider.

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In three steps to your data backup


You will receive your access data for Veeam Cloud Connect within 24 hours

Set up service providers

if you wish, we can help you with the configuration in your Veeam backup environment

Configure backup

You set up your data backup in the cloud according to your wishes

Your advantages on our cloud backup platform

Central Management

Centrally manage your computers and other workloads from the web console.

Professional Software

Powered by Veeam® - one of the leading providers of professional backup solutions.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs or additional fees. You only pay for what you really need.

No long contract periods

All products can be canceled on a monthly basis, so you remain flexible even if the number of your workloads changes.

Maximum security

Your data is stored in our ISO-certified data centers and transmitted using SSL encryption. At any time.

Flexibly extendible

Are your requirements changing? Expand all products as you wish.

Compatible with all devices

Works on all devices and systems - Windows, Linux, MacOS and many others.

100% data protection guaranteed

Your data is stored exclusively in Germany, in our own infrastructure.

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