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Protect your
physical servers

Cloud Backup by

Easy setup and professional management with Veeam

Automatic backups of your devices

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Protect your physical servers

Most organizations today rely on virtualized IT infrastructures. BackupBee helps them provision and increase the availability of critical workloads running on their systems.


Protect your virtual servers

Virtualization is standard in modern data centers, and for most organizations. Virtual servers are also more cost effective since less physical server hardware is required to run large numbers of virtual servers.

Backup for Microsoft Windows Server

Instant recovery

recover a physical workload in no time

Application Aware Processing

combine transaction logs for the full spectrum of consistent protection and advanced explorer recovery

Reliable Windows Server Backup

Ensure timely and reliable backups for Microsoft Windows servers with many flexible configurations

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Backup for LINUX Server


Use the full range of Linux protection

Be confident that Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) will be achieved with simple and reliable recovery media.

Fast, comprehensive backups

Veeam's Linux kernel module has built-in file system snapshots and CBT capabilities for fast incremental backups that don't interrupt service, even with Linux Virtual Machine (LVM) snapshots.


Now even better control for you
With direct access to your backup

One console for all backups
Even more information about your backups

  • easy to use web interface
  • all backups at a glance
  • see immediately if something is wrong
  • set your own alarms
With the BackupBee web console you have the possibility to manage all backups of your environment, whether physical or virtual servers. You can also see workstation backups in your overview.
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Microsoft Hyper-V backup at its finest

What makes Veeam® the #1 backup and disaster recovery solution for Hyper-V is not only the ability to secure your Hyper-V environment, but also Veeam's fast, flexible and reliable recovery capability.


With Veeam restores, you can restore exactly what you need, when you need it. Recover entire Hyper-V VMs in minutes and recover individual files or application items residing in a Hyper-V backup with a simple search and restore.

Be ready for disaster recovery


Availability, simplicity and scalability


Veeam Backup & Replication™ provides true application-aware processing, all in a single-pass, image-level backup of VSS-enabled applications. This is the level of protection you need to get the flexible recovery your application needs. ​


Increase Hyper-V speed and reduce backup footprint by protecting only what has changed since the last backup. Veeam Backup & Replication uses Changed Block Tracking technology to increase the speed and efficiency of incremental backups, allowing you to meet even the tightest backup windows.

Powerful VMware backup and restore


Simple, agentless management

True agentless protection with item and object level recovery.

VMware is a leading technology in the modernization of IT infrastructures. Virtualization enables companies to use their resources more efficiently and react quickly to changing business requirements.


VMware is one of the most important platforms for server and application virtualization, from file servers to critical applications and databases.

True to VMware's mission of eliminating unnecessary components, true agentless protection provides item-level and object-level recovery from a single image-based backup without all the added overhead. ​


Proactively manage your VMware backups with reports and visibility that drive success, streamline your support experience, and monitor your VMware infrastructure for malicious activity.


Achieve incredible RTO's and RPO's

Instantly restore everything to VMware while meeting your organization's recovery goals

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Cloud backup or local backup

For many, the cloud is still an untrustworthy place. When you back up your data, you put all of your data there. However, you have to look at the cloud in a differentiated way. On the one hand there are cloud providers where you do not know the exact location of your data, which is problematic from a data protection point of view.


On the other hand, there are cloud providers who use dedicated locations in Germany. With BackupBee, your data backup is stored in an ISO-certified data center in Germany. It should also be mentioned that you encrypt your data backup as a matter of course.

But even if you decide against the cloud, with BackupBee you get all the benefits of central management via the web console, even for backups to a local medium at your office.


If you later decide to put a copy of your backup in the cloud, that's no problem.

But even if you decide against the cloud, with BackupBee you get all the benefits of central management via the web console, even for backups to a local medium at your office.

Your advantages on our cloud backup platform

Central Management

Centrally manage your computers and other workloads from the web console.

Professional Software

Powered by Veeam® - one of the leading providers of professional backup solutions.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs or additional fees. You only pay for what you really need.

No long contract periods

All products can be canceled on a monthly basis, so you remain flexible even if the number of your workloads changes.

Maximum security

Your data is stored in our ISO-certified data centers and transmitted using SSL encryption. At any time.

Flexibly extendible

Are your requirements changing? Expand all products as you wish.

Compatible with all devices

Works on all devices and systems - Windows, Linux, MacOS and many others.

100% data protection guaranteed

Your data is stored exclusively in Germany, in our own infrastructure.

We make backups easy and safe.

Test our cloud backup offers now completely free of charge and without obligation.
The trial period ends automatically and you don't have to do anything else.

If we were able to convince you of our professional solutions, simply continue to use the backup repository you have set up seamlessly.

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