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More visibility with the web console for your backups

For all packages we offer access to the Backup Web Console. With this you always have an overview of your environment and data backups.

Clearly structured Backup Portal

See the status of your backups at a glance. On your premises and in the cloud.

Backup jobs in the dashboard

Check your individual backup jobs in the convenient dashboard.

Alarms and Notifications

Get early notification of problems with your own alarm rules.

Active Alarms

See all alarms clearly in your dashboard

Make all settings

Remotely change all necessary settings for all your computers

API Keys for professionals

Easily create API Keys to get even more out of your solution

Single Sign -On

Set up Single Sing-On for your Organization

Create co-user

Create co-users below your access.

Manage policies

Manage all backup policies centrally from one location and assign them to other machines

Individual reports

Create your own reports about the state of your backup.

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