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Now for Cloud Connect customers: insider protection available

Recently, there have been an increasing number of cases in which cyber criminals have targeted and destroyed backup files. They are particularly concerned with spying on the retention policies of organizations. In some cases, simply deleting the backup files is not enough. Instead, they also manipulate the production data and continuously upload it to a cloud target. As a result, the restore points can no longer be trusted because they may already contain corrupted data.

Our Veeam Cloud Connect solution protects you and your data particularly well against external attacks. With a cloud backup in our data center, your data backups are physically separated from your infrastructure.

But what if the attacker is already on your network? A primary goal of attackers is to destroy backups and your ability to successfully recover from an attack. This approach increases the attackers' success in making ransom payments.

With the so-called Insider Protection, we offer our Cloud Connect customers a way to protect themselves from this threat.

Veeam Insider Protection allows you to restore an accidentally deleted backup chain, but most importantly protects you from malicious outside attacks.

Insider Protection provides an additional layer of security for backups, which is particularly useful in protecting against ransomware attacks. If a backup file is accidentally or intentionally deleted, it is stored in an air-gap directory that acts as a recycle bin. This isolated folder is not visible to you or public routing, ensuring that deleted files are not lost forever.

Contact us to find out more about insider protection and the protection of your data.

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